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Airport Transportation

I took the shuttle to the airport yesterday morning - way way way too early, but at least it comes with a little story that I meant to post last night. The shuttle arrived in time, and the driver announced he has a list with 11 reservations, which is probably the max for the little bus. So, the driver started to load the luggage in when a woman asked him if he takes credit cards. Now, the concierge told me that I need to buy a ticket in advance, which I did. After he explained that he only takes cash, she said that she has to get money and ran back inside.

The driver waited but after she didn’t get back after 10 minutes he said he has to leave to keep his schedule. The drive to the airport took 45 minutes; we dropped off one passenger after the other, and together with two ladies I was on the last stop. Everyone took their bags - but there was one lonely bag left. Unfortunately, none of us claimed the bag and we realized that that must be the bag of the woman that never returned.

I was feeling so sorry, because she is of course screwed and will either miss her flight or have a terrible time trying to get her bag. I have no idea how this will end for her - too bad I don’t get her side of the story.

First Post

It’s almost 7am, and I am sitting at Gate 39 at the Orlando airport, returning from the ATA 2008 Conference which was held in Orlando this year. It was a very nice conference, even though I was not too fond of the location. Previous conferences I attended were in Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco and I much preferred the big city locations. Next year, the ATA has its 50th anniversary and the conference will be in New York. I am praying that I will be able to go, and I somehow wish I hadn’t gone to Orlando because that may have increased my chance to go but you never know.

At the ATA Conference, one of the first seminars I attended was about blogging for translators. I have tried a couple of times to blog but usually I stopped after a short time, mostly because I don’t really have too much interesting stuff to talk about. Now, after talking 5 days straight about translation issues and solutions, I realized I actually have a lot to contribute. Being an in-house translator exposes me to a lot of different project types and it seems like every single one of them has its own set of files - and of course each file format comes with a whole new set of issues. So, I am planning on sharing my tips and tricks that I have gathered over the last 10 years of translation.

Special thanks (or blame) for getting me started on this blog to Corinne McKay and Michael Wahlster, and of course Jill Sommer

BTW, on the TV they just said today is the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass). The first thing I have to think of is the BAP song of the same name - one of those songs that will make many people of my generation well up.