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Stop the cross selling/up selling

I am honestly so fed up with this. Everywhere I go, people are trying to cross-sell me stuff I don’t want or up-sell some more expensive stuff. My last visit to the mall…

I went to Finish Line to buy a pair of sneakers and the sales kid is relentlessly trying to up sell and cross sell me. I had checked online and they were supposed to have the sneakers in a certain color in my size for $30. So I only see the different color for $60 and he said that’s all they had. I said the web site differs. He said, that means I can order them. I say it says they have the in stock. He says “Oh”, disappears and comes back with the shoes.
He immediately starts a spiel about some cushy insoles because the ones that come with the sneakers are so thin (and it’s a Saucony, so by no means a cheap shoe). I tell him I don’t want them. I try on another pair, and now he even pulls out the insole from the sneaker to show how bad they are. I tell him I still don’t want the other insoles. Then I decide on the cheaper pair and now he says they are running a sales on socks and if I need socks. I am looking at him telling him I came to buy sneakers and that’s it!

Next I went to Eddie Bauer because I had a $10 coupon. All I need is a nice white t-shirt in tall for the hubby. I am looking at the plain t-shirts and the sales lady says that they have a 25% off sale on the active performance shirts - which are still about twice as much. I say no thanks. Than she points out that they have a “buy 2, save $5″ sale. No, I just need one, I am just trying to use the coupon before it expires. She says “Well, you are buying one - you are already half there” - what kind of screwed up logic is that to get me to buy?
Next I am at the check out, and she points to the tote bag with an integrated picknick compartment and it is also 25% off and I say no thanks. Then she starts with me again on buying another t-shirt and I am about to lose it! If my coupon wasn’t expiring that day I would have just told her where she can put the shirt and that I am not buying anything at all.

I understand that times are tough and that we all have to work a little bit harder to earn our money, but I think this has gone way too far! I am starting to dread going to the store and it gets exhausting to try and hide from the sales people. I am used to this from car sale men and the furniture store, please let me shop in peace!