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Project Management Bruhaha

Since I am taking my project management class, I have been looking into some of the ideas from my book. I don’t know if I am too pessimistic, but I keep thinking that a lot of the project management principles are a lot of bruhaha. Sure, for a huge project a lot of those things apply but I think for the average project in a small to midsize company, those things are total overkill. There are balanced score cards, the PMBOK, work breakdown structures, communications matrix, project carters and lifecycles, charts and diagrams and tables, critical path analysis, change control, risk registers and risk management plans and what not.

I do believe that most of those play a role in successful project management, but the formalized character of those processes seems to create a huge overhead and I am wondering if anyone actually uses them and finds them useful aside from a certification point of view?

And as a little bonus, here is a nice slideshow I found. Again, I am not sure I am buying into all the big words, but I think it is very well done.