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OT: I love the Wii

So what, I am late to jump on this train - I can’t be an early adopter with everything :-)

Over the weekend we had borrowed my supervisor’s Wii and it was awesome. A quick explanation to those who don’t know me well enough - in our basement, we have a nice home theater setup with a couple of recliners (with cup holders), a computer and a nice projector (720p).

Watching TV or movies down there is already awesome, but playing Wii in front of a big “screen” blows your mind. We always think of our basement as our “fort” (no grown-ups allowed), and this weekend it was truer than ever. We spent 3 hours on Saturday and 2.5 hours on Sunday playing Tennis, racing karts and helping Super Mario in any way we had to. Man, it was fun. It gets you moving - of course no where as much as real exercise would, but better than just watching TV, reading, playing other games or sitting on your arse in some other way, shape or form.

Now if the darn thing wasn’t just that expensive. $249 for the barebones system with only one controller and nothing else. Most bundles are more in the range of $350 to 400 which is a lot of money and you cannot get good deals at eBay either. Nintendo is still not producing enough so most stores don’t have any to start with (BestBuy sold out online and store availability is 0 apparently - or they simply don’t let you check).

That drives the prices of used systems up because people are still just happy to have one and there is no bargain to be had anywhere. I have read somewhere that it is a quality control issue but it’s going into year 3 now, so they should have quality control under control. On a different page, I read that the Nintendo factories are running at capacity and in order to increase, they would have to build additional facilities. Apparently, Nintendo is cautious and doesn’t want to invest the money in additional facilities because right now they can run them at 100% and with more facilities they may not run as profitable.

Oh well, I love the Wii and I want one - and don’t tell me Christmas is right around the corner. I am happy if I make it until Black Friday before I give into my single-child-urge to have it NOW.