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Client ranting about translation service

We all hear ourselves and fellow translators rant on about clients, how stupid and obnoxious they sometimes are - I guess that is a common thing in all professions. On the other hand, we rarely hear people rant about  us and our service.

I ran into a blog post by Thomas Kilian who posted about the email conversation he had with a fellow translator. He got a couple of unsolicited offers (and if you read my previous post, you know how I feel about cold calls, cold emails aren’t much different).  While I do not know this specific translator, I have to admit that his replies were a little, well - read for yourself: Entspammung vor dem Wochenende - blog post is German, sorry for that.

BTW, I don’t think either of them was right or wrong, but man, did that go wrong :p

Thomas, if you read this, most of us are actually pretty nice and competent. Feel free to ask me if you ever need a good, friendly translator - you name the topic :-)