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Something funny happened on my way to work…

…well, maybe funny is not the right word. On my way to work, there was a truck in front of me and all of a sudden, something fell off the truck to the right and into the ditch. A second later, I saw a tire - the whole thing including rim - bounce down the highway and then off into the median. I was freaking out, what if more crap comes falling off the truck to hit me? I was swearing up a storm about some idiot dump truck driver who didn’t fasten his load properly! The truck pulled off to the right and in passing I noticed it was crooked - and it wasn’t a dump truck but a Comcast bucket truck and he actually lost two of his wheels WHILE DRIVING. I have no idea how that happens but I believe that getting hit by a truck tire including rim while drive 70mph on the highway must be a real blast - probably not the best way to start your day! Thank God nothing happened!

And in case someone is wondering why it got a little quiet around here, I am really busy with my ASP.NET class. Seems like this is the first class at Davenport that is challenging enough to keep me from blogging! I spent the last two weekends working through the chapters, doing examples and homework. This is a condensed 7 week class and we are doing what you are usually supposed to do in a whole semester, so it is 70 pages a week while still working full time. I am glad I am really enjoying this class and that the weather sucks anyway, otherwise I would be miserable.