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Monday, Monday

Happy week start! I have no idea what is going on but today is one of those days where you simply cannot wake up. I got up, rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes half asleep, got ready half asleep, drove to work half asleep and am now sitting here since almost 8 hours and am still not able to wake up. I had coffee and Vault and instant espresso, but nothing helps. The fact that my day is still a little slow doesn’t help much.

I had such a nice weekend, the first weekend that was so nice and warm that we even had breakfast on the patio watching our cats who put on a nice circus act. If you think people are happy about spring, you should see a bunch of cats who have been cooped up in the house all winter long - it’s not like we make them, but during winter the little pussies just stare out the door expecting the snow to melt in front of their eyes. I also got to sleep at a reasonable time and still, I feel like I have been partying all night.

I mentioned it before, I have two classes this session, Global Project Management and Applied Mathematics and so far I have been able to coast, but that ends now. For GPMT we are using a tool called SimProject, where we are working on a simulated construction project. We have to hire resources, we have a budget and apparently the instructor can throw roadblocks into our way like a budget cut or a strike - very interesting. Unfortunately, we are having problems getting our group of 4 together. We tried yesterday at 6pm but only two people were “there” (in the project chat area) so I sent out an email telling them all to be there tonight at 7pm - not sure what to do if they aren’t because we have to make our first group decisions.

Unfortunately, I cannot even be too mad. If I look back at my own time at university, I am pretty sure a returning adult student would have been just as impatient. Well, we’ll see what happens tonight.