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Taking up Computer Science

I just switched from Grand Valley State University (GVSU) to Davenport University (DU). The main reason was, GVSU's computer science programm was not well suited for students working full time in regular employment. DU offers many classes at night and over the weekend and also online classes. They transfered 55 of my over 115 credits. Out of those 115, 75 were from GVSU, 40 from my German University (Fachhochschule Köln), but I have a few Credit Transfer Approval Applications running, and I hope I can carry over at least 10 more credits or so.

Current Courses

Right now I am enrolled in my first class, CISP110 - Webpage Devlopment. We are using the book New Perspectives on HTML, XHTML and Dynamic HTML by Patrick Carey also available on So far, I had only three lectures, but I am enjoying it a lot. I was always interested in creating webpages, and probably hacked together my first webpage in the late 90s. Unfortunately, I never formally learned HTML, so I have a ton of very bad and browser-incompatible habits. I also never used styles or coded XHTML conform (or W3C fwiw).

Past Courses

I don't have any past courses at DU yet, but I have taken several CS classes at GVSU, among them CS160 (Visual Basic), CS162 (Computer Science I aka Java I), CS163 (Computer Science II aka Java II), CS251 (Computer Organization), and CS350 (Intro to Software Engineering). I also fullfilled most of my math credits with the exception of one. It is a little silly, considering that my math classes (Calc I/II and Discrete Structures) were probably much harder than the missing one at DU, but what can I say - if it is easier, it should also be a breeze and get me good boost start on my GPA. I left GVSU with a GPA of 3.491, which is pretty good considering that I worked full time and studies part time.

Applied HTML knowledge: Imagemap, Stylesheet, Links