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Happy New Year!

There we go, 2009 is here and I am back to the grind since yesterday. I guess just like many freelancers, I am have a bit of a post-holiday/new year lull. I just got 64 words from my boss for FIGS, yeah! 2 Minutes later…all done (incl. outsourcing). And what now?

Is this an advantage of being an in-house translator? Yes and no. Of course it is nice to get paid even if you don’t have any real work just that day, but to be honest - sitting at your desk trying to look busy is not fun. Luckily, if I pre-write a blog post in Word, it isn’t really that obvious. I do know we have a couple of big things right around the corner, that will keep me quite busy for a while, so I don’t feel too guilty to take a little more time to come out of Christmas hibernation.