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About “the third”

Some may wonder about the blog name, Susanne Aldridge III. Me being “the third” is merely a clerical error of the Secretary of State. After I got married I had to change my name from Schmidt to Aldridge. Spelling it out to the clerk was difficult (A L R I.. No, ALDRI… oh, A L D R I G) so I asked my husband to hand her his license so she could type it off there. I am sure you can see where this is going, he is “Charles Whittaker Aldridge III” and that is how I became “Susanne Aldridge III”. We didn’t notice her mistake until after we got the actual license. I checked a couple of times and it actually is quite an ordeal to change it so until then, I take the chuckles and I always have a nice story whenever a driver license is needed somewhere. Why am I explaining this? Well, for a woman with a relatively uncommon name like Aldridge to be the third, it would take generations of questionable mating habits - but that is not the case here.