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Create new folders in Windows

While I am not as much of a keyboard purist as some, I still find that some tasks can be done much faster while staying on the keyboard. Windows offers many shortcut keys (aka hot keys or accelerator keys), I think almost everyone uses Ctrl-C to copy, Ctrl-F to search (optimistically named after find) or Ctrl-S. The good thing about those is that many of them are universal, so with Ctrl-F you can search on your hard drive, in a text document, in your browser etc. Unfortunately, there is one shortcut that I am missing since forever and Microsoft never had the decency to add it. I want a shortcut to create a folder. I don’t want to use the mouse context menu (Right click - New/Folder) and I don’t want to use the menu bar (File/New/Folder). I know for the menu you could use the keyboard with Alt f w f but that is not only extremely unintuitive but also very cumbersome because of the location of the keys alt, f and w keys (or am I just clumsy?).

Surprisingly, in the Windows Explorer, Ctrl-N has no function at all. In most programs it opens/creates a new instance of whatever you have, for example in Word you open a a new blank document, in Firefox and IE you open a new browser window, Outlook opens a new blank email, Nero opens the New Compilation window - everyone does something. A Windows Explorer window on the other hand just stares at you and does nothing - it’s like asking a cat to Fetch or Sit (although, I have seen cats fetch). There are shortcut keys for rarely used actions like Ctrl-Windows Logo-F to find computers on the network (probably useful to some, but everyone creates folder). After searching a little, it seems that this missing shortcut irks other people too. Does anyone know of a way to create shortcuts on Windows WITHOUT the help of a program that has to run in the background? I couldn’t find anything to solve this issue. I know there are a lot of programs that allow you to create custom shortcuts for just about anything, but my work computer is slow enough as it is and I don’t want to have yet another program running in the background.

Now…how did I get here…ah, yes. Today, I was just facing the task of creating an abundance of folders. I have a slow week so I am trying to find useful things to do, and I always meant to clean up the documentation network location which has a wild folder structure that defeats logic or reason and literature for one product can be in up to 4 different locations. Some products have language subfolders, some don’t. Some have the language subfolders named with the common ISO abbreviations, some have full names and I even see the occasional GR as an abbreviation for German. I am trying to find a system that is easy to maintain for everyone and not too confusing. I’ll probably break a lot of bookmarks and am expecting angry emails already. Ah well, such is life.